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School Theme 2022 - 23

The highlands scottie dog mascot logo

B - Brave

Be Brave. Use your voice to speak up for what is right. Do not be silenced by those that make wrong choices and use words like snitch. That word and little thinking does not belong in this school. Communicate, even the tough stuff. Stand up for others. See something, say something. What is worse, someone being mean to another, or someone just watching it happen?

A - Academics

Do your best. Try in each class. You get to have many different classes. You never know which one you might love. A new discovery could be around the bend. Ask for help. I am wrong… a lot. We all are. A confident person does not mind asking for help. The smartest people are constantly raising their hands. Take pride in yourself. Try in each class to learn. Take chances in your learning. This is a safe place to try, fail, try, fail, try, learn.

R - Resilient

Persevere. Do not give up. Decide to think positive. Think GET TO instead of HAVE TO.

K - Kind

Show concern for others. Think about how your actions affect others. Try to be the one that bring positive energy into your group. Be kind to yourself as well. Hang out with people that are kind to you.


All students are engaged learnersKSD strategic goal